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2018年高考英语真题中的语法选择与答案           ★★★
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1. ---Hi, I’m Peter. Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around?
---Hello, Peter. I’m Bob. I just          on Monday.
A. start   B. have started    C. started    D. had started
2. __________we don’t stop climate change, many animals and plants in the world will be gone.
A. Although  B. While   C. If    D. Until
3. __________along the old Silk Road is an interesting and rewarding experience.
A. Travel  B. Traveling C. Having traveled D. Traveled
4. Susan had quit her well-paid job and ________as a volunteer in the neighborhood when I visited her last year.
A. is working B. was working
C. has worked D. had worked
5. She and her family bicycle to work, __________ helps them keep fit.
A. which   B. who   C. as   D. that
6. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, family members often gather together__________a meal, admire the moon and enjoy moon cakes.
A. share  B. to share  C. having shared  D. shared
7. China’s high-speed railways __________from 9,000 to 25,000 kilometers in the past few years.
A. are growing B. have grown 
C. will grow D. had grown
8. In any unsafe situation, simply ________the button and a highly-trained agent will get you the help you need.
A. press   B. to press   C. pressing   D. pressed
9. A rescue worker risked his life saving two tourists who __________in the mountains for two days.
A. are trapping  B. have been trapped 
C. were trapping  D. had been trapped
10. Ordinary soap, __________correctly, can deal with bacteria effectively.
A. used  B. to use  C. using  D. use
11. Without his support, we wouldn’t be__________ we are now.
A. how   B. when   C. where   D. why
12. In today’s information age, the loss of data __________cause serious problems for a company.
A. need   B. should   C. can   D. must
13. They might have found a better hotel if they        a few more kilometers.
A. drove B. would drive C. were to drive D. had driven
14. ---Good morning, Mr. lee’s office.
---Good morning. I’d like to make an appointment __________next Wednesday afternoon.
A. for   B. on   C. in   D. at
15. This is__________my father has taught me--to always face difficulties and hope for the best.
A. how   B. which   C. the   D. what


1. —Wasn't Joan supposed to be here by now?
一              . She will be here in about twenty minutes.
A. All right  B. Don't worry 
C. No wonder  D. Enjoy yourself
2. Kate, _________sister I shared a room with when we were at college, has gone to work in Australia.
A. whom   B. that   C. whose   D. her
3. At first Robert wouldn't let his daughter go diving, but eventually he_________ as she was so confident about her skills.
A. gave in  B. dressed up  C. broke in  D. turned up
4. Let's not pick these peaches until this weekend ___________they get sweet enough to be eaten.
A. ever since  B.as if   C. even though  D.so that
5. —I'm moving in a few days and I wonder if you could help.
—_________. Just let me know when, and I'll be there.
A. You bet  B. It depends  C. Forget it  D. No kidding
6. The________ that there is life on other planets in the universe has always inspired scientists to explore the outer space.
A. advice   B. order   C. possibility   D. invitation
7. I need a new passport so I will have to have my photographs___________.
A. taking B. taken C. being taken D. take
8. It took him a long time to___________ the skills he needed to become a good dancer.
A. display   B. acquire   C teach   D. test
9. The gold medal will be awarded to__________ wins the first place in the bicycler.
A. whomever  B. wherever  C. whoever  D. whatever
10. I can't find my purse. I___________ it in the supermarket yesterday, but I'm not sure.
A. should leave   B. must have left     C. might leave   D. could have left
11. Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had to write a report, but he went ___________.
A. at first   B. after all   C. above all   D. at random
12. I didn't mean ___________anything but the ice cream looked so good that I couldn’t help_______ it.
A.to eat;to try  B. eating;tryingC. eating;to try  D.to eat; trying
13. My washing machine___________this week, so I have to wash my clothes by hand.
A. was repaired  B. is repaired
C. is being repaired  D. has been repaired
14. It was only when the car pulled up in front of our house ___________we saw Lily in the passenger seat.
A. which  B. that  C. when  D. where
15. If we _______the flight yesterday, we would be enjoying our holiday on the beach now.
A. had caught  B. caught 
C. have caught  D. would catch
21. By boat is the only way to get here, which is _______ we arrived.
A. where   B. when   C. why   D. how
22. Kids shouldn’t have access to violent films because they might _______ the things they see.
A. indicate   B. investigate   C. imitate   D. innovate
23. Self-driving is an area _______ China and the rest of the world are on the same starting line.
A. that    B. where   C. which   D. when
24. It’s strange that he _______ have taken the books without the owner’s permission.
A. would   B. should   C. could   D. might
25. Developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a systematic project which _______ a clear road map and  timetable.
A. calls for  B. calls on  C. calls off  D. calls up
26. Around 13,500 new jobs were created during the period, _______ the expected number of 12,000 held by market analysts.
A. having exceeded   B. to exceed   
C. exceeded   D. exceeding
27. There is a good social life in the village, and I wish I______ a second chance to become more involved.
A. had  B. will have  C. would have had  D. have had
28. —You know what? I’ve got a New Year concert ticket.
—Oh, _______ You’re kidding.
A. so what? B. go ahead. C. come on. D. what for?
29. _______ you can sleep well, you will lose the ability to focus, plan and stay motivated after one or two nights.
A. Once  B. Unless  C. If  D. When
30. I was sent to the village last month to see how the development plan_______ in the past two years.
A. had been carried out          B. would be carried out
C.is being carried out          D. has been carried out
31. Hopefully in 2025 we will no longer be e-mailing each other, for we _______ more convenient electronic communication tools by then.
A. have developed   B. had developed   
C. will have developed  D. developed
32. Try to understand what’s actually happening instead of acting on the _______ you’ve made.
A. assignment B. association C. acquisition D. assumption
33. China’s soft power grows _______ the increasing appreciation and understanding of China globally.
A. in line with B. in reply to  C. in return for D. in honour of
34. Despite the poor service of the hotel, the manager is _______ to invest in sufficient training for his staff.
A. keen  B. reluctant  C. anxious  D. ready
35. —What happened? Your boss seems to _______.
—Didn’t you know his secretary leaked the secret report to the press?
A. be over the moon    B. laugh his head off   
C. be all ears    D. fly off the handle
1. C  2. C  3. B  4. B  5. A 
6. B  7. B  8. A  9. D  10. A
11. C 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. D
1.B    2.C    3.A    4.D    5.A   
6.C    7.B    8.B    9.C    10.D
11.B   12.D   13.C   14.B   15.A
21. D    22. C    23. B    24. B    25. A    
26. D    27. A    28. C   29. B    30. A
31. C    32. D    33. A    34. B    35. D

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