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人教版新课标高中英语必修二   Unit 5 MusicSection I  Warming up and Reading 学案(附答案)           ★★★
人教版新课标高中英语必修二   Unit 5 MusicSection I  Warming up and Reading 学案(附答案)
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 Unit 5 Music
                   Section I  Warming up and Reading
I. 词义配对
1. millionaire   A. a person whose job is to play or write music
2. form    B. easy to recognize
3. familiar   C. to start to exist or come into being
4. passer-by   D. a tool or a machine used in work or to make music…
5. broadcast          E. a person who is very rich or has at least a million pounds or dollars
6. pretend            F. to connect something with another
7. musician   G. a room where TV and radio programs are made, or a painter or
a photographer works
8. studio    H. to send out radio or television programs
9. attach    I. to make believe or to imagine something is real as in a game
10.instrument   J. a person going past
 1. 说实在的;实话说  _______________________________________
 2. 梦见;梦想        _______________________________________
 3. 分裂;解体;打碎  ____________________________ ___________
 4. 开……的玩笑;戏弄 ______________________________________
5. 认为……很重要    _______________________________________
6. 依赖;依靠        _______________________________________
 7. 用现金支付        _______________________________________
 8. 对……认真        _______________________________________
 9. 假装没看见         _______________________________________
 10. 赚些外快         _______________________________________
1.He ______ _______ ______ ________ his homework when his mother came into his room.
2.The band __________ _________ in less than two months, but soon it ________ __________.
3.He is ________ ________ ________ a house in Beijing ________ he graduates from college.
4.He is always __________ if others __________ ___________ __________ him.
5.Much importance ________ ________ ________ ________ the protection of our environment.
1. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles.
a)本句是一个含有非限制性定语从句。主句谓语部分were to加上由as well as 连接两个并列的不定式构成。非限制性定语从句是属介词前置(即most of+ which引导)的定语从句。该语法是本单元学习重点。除此句之外,课文中还可见如下同类句子,如:
(1)Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands o f people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music?
(2)They may start as a group of high-school students, for whom practicing their music in someone’s house is the first step to fame.
(3)Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs, for which they are paid in cash.
(4)However, after a year or so, in which they became more serious about their work.…
(5)They produced a new record in 1996, with which they celebrated their former time as a real band.
1. In the Olympics we Chinese team got 16 gold medals, __________ 12 were won
by women.
    A. from which       B. of which       C. in which       D. of what
2. Soon they arrived at a small farmhouse,___________ sat a small boy of not more than ten.
    A. by which         B. to which         C. most of which       D. in front of which
b) as well as连接并列部分时的用法:
as well as连接的并列部分的翻译特点是先译as well as后文,强调前者。如:
She is good at French as well as English.她不仅擅长英语而且擅长法语。
    此外,as well as连接并列主语时,谓语动词的单复数要根据as well as前面的名词或
代词确定。如:The teacher as well as the students was moved by the film.
    还有,as well as 连接名词放句首时,其含义相当于besides(除了……外还有),  如:
     As well as music, she also likes dancing very much.

(1)as well as 连接的并列部分的翻译特点是强调as well as前面的部分;
(2)as well as 连接的并列主语时,谓语根据as well as前面的主语确定;
(3)as well as放句首表示“除……之外”相当于besides作介词时的含义;
如:He speaks English as well as his sister.




(1)____________ a flat in Qingdao, he also has a house in Beijing.
    A. As well as      B. As long as       C. As far as      D. As good as
(2) Reading broadens our horizons as well as _____________ our knowledge.
A. increasing      B. to increase       C. increases      D. increase   
2.To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous.
attach great importance to (认为… 很重要)中的attach 主要意思是“缚系上、贴上、隶属于” 等。如:
I was asked to attach a label to my luggage in the airport.
She is now studying in a middle school which is attached to the normal university.
attach importance to  认为……重要。 近义词组有attach significance/ value to 。
还有:attach oneself to 依附、依恋 、热爱, be attached to “附属于,连在……上”
(1) We all ____________________ his opinion.
(2) The basketball team _____________________that club.
   (3) You shouldn’t ________________________ your parents.
 break up 分手,解散,(关系)破裂  break down崩溃,垮掉,失败   break out爆发   break in闯入   break through突破   break away脱离
(1)She was driving on the road when suddenly her car ______________.
(2)The conference ________________ in great confusion.
(3)It’s said t hat ___________________________________last night.
   (4)I hate someone _________________ when I am talking.
(1)The robbers ______________ the wall of the jewelry shop and took all the jewels away .
(2)With so much work filling her mind, she almost _______________
(3)The marriage on the basis of money is often easy to ______________..
(4)The audience ____________ laughing when they heard the funny story.
I. 单词拼写
 1. Unlike most of the young people who are fond of popular music, he enjoys listening to f_________ music.
2. Listen! The news that our team has won the match is being b____________________.
 3. ---What kind of musical i________________ do you like playing?
   ---I like playing the piano most.
4. Since we have done so much e___________ work , we should get more pay.
5. Her face seems f________________  but I can’t recognize her.
6. This is the famous corner at which anyone can make a speech freely to _________(过路人).
7. On April Fool’s Day in those countries people can play _________(玩笑)on anyone they like .
8. Everyone ought to_______________(履行) his duties in doing this work.
9. He____________ (形成) his own judgment on the basis of facts.
10.Most of kids prefer listening to _______________ (幽默)stories.

break up  get familiar with  attach importance to  to be honest  rely on
dream of  pay…in cash  be based on  make up  play a joke on

1. Everyone ____________ a bett er future, but not all of their dreams can come true.
2. We all should _______________________ education in any country in the world.
3. She is too sensitive and often she gets angry when someone ______________ her.
4. Jack is very low in spirits, for he has just _____________ with his girlfriend.
5. He is a very clever boy, but _______________, I don’t like him very much.
6. These taxes can________________ by credit card or _______________.
7. I think you can ___________ Bob to do whatever he promises.
8. Right judgment should ______________ a lot of facts.
9. It is said that nine players ______________ the team.
10.______________ the history of the city, he bought a lot of books about it..
1. The other day I found a musician ___________ in the street to the people passing by.
A. perform            B. performed         C. performing       D. to perform
2. I don’t think this necktie ____________ your shirt.
 A. fits                B. suits              C. attaches         D. matches
3. What will happen to their children if their marriage _____________?
 A. breaks down        B. breaks out          C. breaks up        D. breaks in
4. Some bad habits are easy to __________, but hard to get rid of.
 A. get                B. form              C. break           D. perform
5. It is a famous school _____________ he graduated 3 years ago.
 A. in which           B. at which            C. from which      D. for which
6. What he said sounds reasonable, but____________ , I don’t quite agree with him.
A. Generally speaking   B. on the contrary     C. In particular      D. To be honest
7. We must ____________ good apples from the bad ones.
  A. find out           B. sort out             C. set out           D. point out
8. She ___________ little importance to the opinion of the majority.
  A. paid              B. thought             C. attached          D. devoted
9. What he said badly hurt her, but she pretended ________________ ,
  A. not being hurt      B. being not hurt        C. not to be hurt      D. to be not hurt
10. Nowadays people ___________ great value to health, because it is clear the wealth can’t
_______ health.
A. refer, match       B. attach, match        C. pay, suit          D. devote, compare
11. She has only one dollar and twenty-seven cents _________ to buy her husband a birthday gift.
   A. for which        B. for whom           C. about which        D. with which
12. You have to finish the work in ____________________.
   A. an hour or so     B. an hour and so        C. one and an hour    D. or so an hour
13. How can you ___________such a selfish man to help you with this work?
   A. insist on         B. rely on             C. believe in          D. sort out
14.With great effort, her record was a big __________ and sold a million copies.
   A. knock          B. blow               C. sort               D. hit
15.Their performances were humorous enough _____________ other groups.
  A. copied by          B. to be copied by     C. being copied by     D. copying by
II. 完成句子,根据汉语意思用括号中所给的单词完成句子。
1.The teacher often tells her students ____________________(重视) learning strategies(策略).
2._________________________(为了熟悉那些电话号码), she copied them in her notebook.
3.Are you ___________________ (认真) learning to be a pilot?
4.This is Mr. Smith,_______________________ (在他前面) sit three of his students.
5.Mr. Green as well as his students _____________________ (常开玩笑) on each  other.
The cars were honking(鸣叫)on the road one morning as I was walking to the park. I walked   
  1   and soon found the   2    --- a little taxi that had got stuck in the middle of the road. There was    3     on the driver’s face as he tried to start the engine again and again---    4    happened. “No petrol,” I said to myself and then found myself   5    angry. “Why doesn’t the fool     6    his taxi to the side?” I thought, so did all the others who honked and shouted.
 He got up    7    , and the passenger in the taxi got out. He was a young man in a white shirt,  who   8   the driver try to push it to the side. “Stupid guy!” I said, “Can’t he     9   
a helping hand?”
I watched as the poor driver pushed it to the side. Cars, buses and trucks went past cursing
(咒骂)   10     . The young man took another taxi and went off.
The taxi driver began mending his taxi. “Stupid passenger !” I said to him. “ He    11    
you!” The taxi driver slowly got up. “Sir!” he asked, “Did you?” I looked at him guiltily, then looked    12     and walked away fast    13    myself, “Did I help the poor man    14   
his taxi?”
What had I been doing as the traffic jam    15    ? How had I helped    16     the problem? Did I help the poor man    17     his taxi?  I ’d done my bit, with my    18     .
But   19     had I moved to solve the prob lem. I was shocked with   20    as I heard him asking, “ Sir! Did you?”
1. A. past B. about C. away             D. on
2. A. place          B. noise C. cause D. car
3. A. smile  B. anger C. tears              D. sweat
4. A. nothing           B. something C. anything D. all
5. A. getting   B. get C. to get D. got
6. A. take B. drive            C. carry D. move
7. A. hardly   B. willingly C. tiredly D. angrily
8. A. watched   B. helped C. shouted D. made
9. A. raise   B. hold C. lend D. reach
10. A. the young man B. the poor man C. the car D. the road
11. A. couldn’t help  B. doesn’t help C. didn’t help D. hadn’t help
12. A. around   B. up C. back D. away
13. A. talking  B. asking C. telling D. reminding
14. A. push   B. lift C. turn D. drive
15. A. came upon   B. broke up  C. took place D. laid out
16. A. get across   B. do with  C. make out D. deal with
17. A. drive             B. repair            C. take               D. push
18. A. hand   B. mouth C. head D. eyes
19. A. Usually   B. Never C. Seldom D. Neither
20. A. guilt         B. sympathy        C. anger              D. duty 
1.The TV organizer wanted to find three musicians who could act as well as singing.
2.You’d better not rely on Mr. Johnson help you with the research.
3.Don’t pretend knowing what you are not familiar with. It’s no good.
4.After a year or so, which they made full preparations, they formed the band.
5.They gave an advertisement in the newspaper looking for some rock musicians.
6.Nowadays many young people desire to be famous for singers or musicians.
7.The girl’s father often does some repair work in the city, in which he is paid in cash.
8.He told me a lot of funny stories, most of which mainly based on the facts in our life.
9.We all felt sorry that the newly-formed band was soon broke up.
10.Peter, a high school student, who loves music very much, often plays music as a real musician.




Module 2   Unit 5 Music
Section I  Warming up and Reading
I. 词义配对:1. E  2.C  3. B  4. J  5. H  6. I  7.A  8. G  9. F  10. D   
II.重点短语:1.to be honest  2.dream of/ abo ut  3.break up  4.play jokes on 5.attach great importance to  6.rely on  7.pay… in cash  8.be serious about  9.pretend not to see…
10.earn some extra money
III.重点句型:1.pretended to be doing  2.was formed;  broke up  3.dreaming of; before
4. sensitive; play jokes on  5.should be attached to
a) BD
b)(1)A 句意:除了在青岛的一套公寓外,他在北京也有一间房子。本句中as well as 放在句首,表示“除了……之外”相当于besides 。 
(2)C 句意:阅读既能增长知识又能开拓视野。本句主要考查as well as 作连词用,此处连接并列谓语。
(1) attach great value to 
(2) is not attached to
(3) attach yourself too much to
完成句子答案:1.broke down  2.broke up  3.a fire broke out in the department store
4.breaking in
1.broke through  2.broke down  3.break up  4.broke out
I. 单词拼写:1.folk  2.broadcast/broadcasted  3.instrument  4.extra  5.familiar
6.passers-by  7.jokes  8.perform  9.formed  10.humorous.
II.用所给短语的正确形式填空:1.dreams of  2.attach importance to  3.plays jokes on  4.broken up  5.to be honest  6.be paid, in cash  7.rely on  8.be based on  9.make up  10.To get familiar with
1.C 考查非谓语动词。动词find+宾语 + doing,此处表达正在表演。
2.D 考查近义词辨析。fit强调“大小;合身;合体”, suit表示场合;款式;颜色的“合适”,match表示两样东西放在一起是否相“匹配”。
3.C 考查易混词组辨析。break up “分裂,解体”break down “坏了、 垮掉”,break out“爆发”,break in“插入、闯入”。
4.B 考查动词辨析 。习惯的“形成” 用form 。
5.C 考查介词+关系代词的定语从句。从句中谓语动词graduate与介词from搭配。
6.D 考查插入语词组语义辨析。根据句意:他说的听起来有道理,但老实说,我不完全同意他。故选答案为D。
7.B 考查词组辨析。sort out意为“把…分类;归类”。
8.C 考查动词辨析。attach importance to为固定搭配的词组,意为“认为……重要”。
9.C 考查动词pretend用法。pretend后接动词不定式作宾语,其否定式为not to be/do sth。
10.B考查词组搭配与动词辨析。attach great value/ importance to 是搭配的词组,而match则表示“比得上”, “匹敌于”。
12.A 考查表示时间的词组搭配。正确选项为A 。表示“一小时左右”。
13.B 考查动词词组用法与辨析。句中只有rely on表示“依 靠”,构成rely on sb. to do sth.句型,其它词组语义不符合句意。
14.D 主要考查名词辨析。knock意为“敲打”,blow意为“打击”,sort意为“种类”,hit意为“成功的事,震撼人的事”。
15.B 本句考查enough一词后接不定式表示结果状语。
II. 完成句子,根据汉语意 思用括号中所给的单词完成句答案:
1. to attach importance to   2.In order to get familiar with those telephone numbers  3.serious about  4.in front of whom  5.often plays jokes
1.D 此处表示作者“我” 继续前行,此处的on有“继续”之意。
2.C 读首句和下文可知“我”很快发现了“缘故”——原来是一辆小出租车困在了路中间而发生了吵闹声。而选项B。 noise作动词found的宾语不合逻辑。
3.D 出租车被困,司机忙着一次又一次地起动发动机,又累心情又急燥,自然脸上有汗。
4.A 根据下文可知,无论怎样努力,最后还是“无济于事”故选答案为A。
5.A 此处考察非谓语动词。find所接的宾语后表示在进行的动作时只能接doing 形式。
6.D 作者心中生气道,“这个傻瓜为什么不把他的出租车移到路边?”。汽车没有油,发动机启动不了,故不能用drive,而 take 意为“带走、拿走”,carry 是“搬、运”,均不合句意。
7.C 根据上文描述,出租车司机的主要状况是“又急又累”而不是“生气”和willingly“心愿情愿”。在周围汽车的鸣叫和呼喊中,他疲惫地站起来。
8.A 读下文可知,那位年青的乘客只是观看,没有帮忙。
9.C  lend a… hand 是词组搭配,故选C。
10.B 从文章开头可知,周围的人一直在责备出租车司机,当这位Poor driver 把车推到路边,其他的车辆开过时还咒骂着这位出租车司机。此处the poor man与 the poor driver 相吻合,同指一个人。
11.C 此处指刚才发生的事,故用过去时。
12.D 当对方反问作者时,作者深感歉疚,不好意思正视对方,当然向一边看,look around “环视”,look up“抬头看”,look back“回头看”,look away“向一边看”,故选D。
13.B 看下句话是问句,所以此处用asking 表示迅速走开时,心中自问道。
14.A 根据上文可知,应该是“推车”。
15.C 最后一段是作者的感悟。“交通堵塞发生时,我一直在做什么?”
16.D 表达“处理问题”时,只能用deal with而 do with不能接problem作宾语。
17.D 根据第二段可确定,此处应该是“推车“。
18.B 作者反省自己“当时所做到的也只是动了动嘴,没有动手帮忙”。
19.B 呼应上句“但从来都没有走过去,帮助解决问题”。
20.A 作者又一次反思,当听到司机反问自己时,因负罪感而震憾。此处用guilt,也正好呼应了倒数第二段中he asked, “Did you?” I looked at him guiltily, then…。
II.单句改错:1.sing  2. to help  3.to know  4.in which  5. put  6.famous as  7.for which  8.were mainly based  9.去掉was  10.like a real musician

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