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2011-2017中考英语词汇及语法填空题选集附答案           ★★★
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51. Where is my phone? I can’t f__________ it.
52. I woke up late today so I had to hurry to get r__________ for school.
53. Your hands are very dirty. Go and w__________ them now, Ben!
54. As usual, she left her room c__________ and tidy before going to school.
55. The sofa is terribly heavy. Can you move it by y__________?
56. At the weekend, you may play a computer g__________, but you mustn’t play for more than 30minutes.
57. 我去过海南岛两次了。  I ________ ________ ________ Hainan Island twice.
58. 昨晚我直到爸妈回家才睡觉。Last night I ________ ________ to bed ________my parents got home..
59. 小梅多么忙碌!她总是第一个来,最后一个走。
________ ________ Xiao Mei is!She is always the first to come and the last to leave.
60. 在中国人民的帮助下,肯尼亚在几个月前建成了一条新的现代化铁路。
With the help of the Chinese people, anew and modern railway in Kenya ________ ________ several months ago.
61. 我和朋友都喜爱诵读中国诗词。我们每周都分享感受。
________ my friends ________ I enjoy reading Chinese poems. We share our feelings every week.
62. 我不明白为什么他们在这个时候踢足球。
I can’t understand ________ ________ ________ ________ football at this moment.
63. 不要放弃,终有一天你会成功。 Don’t ________ ________, and you’ll succeed one day.
(2016)第一节  单词拼写(共6小题:每小题1分,满分6分)
51. Take o________ your shoes before you go into the house.
52. I really l________ my English teacher because she is friendly and fair.
53. If the weather is f_______ on Sunday, we will plant trees at the old peoples home.
54. During the summer h________ ,I will take part in a two-week work experience activity.
55. The book is too expensive. I think I will b________ one from the library.
56. W________ your help, I couldnt have passed the exam.
第二节  完成句子(共7小题:每小题2分,满分14分)
57.从广州飞到悉尼需要多长时间?________ ______ does ______ _____ to fly from Guanzghou1 to Sydney?
It you want to know the meaning of this word, just _____ it______ in the dictionary.
59. 你讲得太快了,我听不懂,能再说一次吗?
You spoke ________ fast ________ I couldn’t understand you. Would you say it again?
60. 旅途愉快!请与我我们保持联系。Enjoy your trip, and please ________ in touch _______ us.
61.这项工程很快就会完成。The project ________ ________ ________ soon.
62. 我不知道他是否能准时到校。I wonder ________ ________ ________ ________ to school on time.
63.这本书真有用啊!我看了很多遍。________ ________ ________ book it is! I have read it many times.
66.It is a p______ that the weather is so bad today. We can’t go to a picnic.
67.You should always knock at the door before you e______ a room.
68.Close the window or the wind will b______ everything off my desk.
69.The young woman is very b______. She is not afraid of anything.
70.It’s very p______ to say “Thank you” when someone helps you.
第二节完成句 子(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
71. 现在越来越多的外国人对中国文化感兴趣了。Now more and more foreigners_____ ______ ______ Chinese culture.
72. 根据奶奶的建议,这汤应该煮上两个小时以上。
The soup______ ______ ______ for more than two hours according to Grandma.
73. 我桌子上的钥匙不见了,不知谁拿走了。 The key on my desk is gone. I wonder______ ______ it away.
74. 这部电影真乏味啊!我都快睡着了。 ______ ______ ______ movie it was! I almost fell asleep.
75. 如果你现在不出发,你就会错过末班车。______ you don’t leave now, you______ ______ the final bus.
(2014)第一节  单词拼写  (共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
66. When I was younger, my h___________ was collecting stamps, but now I like painting.
67. Dont f___________ to turn off the lights when you leave the classroom.
68. Im feeling h___________ now. Where can I get something to eat?
69. The box is too heavy for me. Would you please help me c___________ it?
70.Im dreaming of a white Christmas because it never snows in w___________ in Guangzhou.
第二节  完成句子 (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
71. 长大后我想成为一名英语教师。I want to be an English teacher when I ______  __________.
72. 呆在家里,直到你妈妈回来。Stay in your house __________ your mother _______ _______.
73. 你们自己算出了这道数学题。多么聪明的孩子啊!
You’ve worked out the maths problem yourselves. _________  __________ children you are!
74. 为了进一步美化校园,下个月会在学校种很多树。
Next month many trees ________  ______  ______ in our school to make it more beautiful.
75. 我们计划去北京,但还没决定何时去。We are planning to go to Beijing, but we haven’t decided ____  ____  _________.
(2013)第一节  单词拼写(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
66. David can r__________ very fast. I’m sure he will win the race at the sports meeting.
67. It’s dangerous to swim in the r___________. It’s safer to go to the swimming pool.
68. Animals are useful. For example, we can get fresh m__________ from cows.
69. Your voice is very sweet. Would you s_________ a song at the English party?
70. Yao Ming, one of China’s best ever basketball player, is more than 2 meters t________.
第二节  完成句子(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
71. 离开课室时请关灯。Please_______ ________ the lights when you leave the classroom.
72. 踢完足球后,他太兴奋了睡不着。After the football game, he was__________ excited_________ sleep.
73. 你的手好脏啊!快去洗!_________ __________ your hands are! Go and wash them now.
74. 在中国到处都有人打羽毛球。In China, badminton_________ __________ everywhere.
75. 你知道在哪里买这种邮票吗?Do you know_________ __________ __________ this kind of stamp?
(2012)第一节 单词拼写 (共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
66. He is very smart. He went to university at the a_______ of 15.
67. Never cross the street when the traffic light is r______. Wait until it’s green.
68. It doesn’t look like rain, so you needn’t b_________ your umbrella with you.
69. I miss my family and really feel l________ without any friends in this new city.
70. Where is my watch? I can’t f_________ it.
第二节 完成句子(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
71. 你们彼此用邮件联系吗?Do you ___________ __________ __________ with each other by e-mail?
72. 看电影时我们既不能大声喧哗也不能吃东西。
We should _________ talk loudly ___________ eat in the theater while watching a movie.
73. 多么美丽而宁静的岛啊!__________ __________ beautiful and quiet island it is!
74. 上周,怀特先生被邀请做了一个语言学习的讲座。
Last week, Mr. White ___________ ___________ to give a speech on language learning.
75. 我不明白他们为何对这位美国歌星如此疯狂。
I can’t understand __________ ___________ ___________ so crazy about this American singing star.
(2011)第一节 单词拼写 (共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)
66. What a p___________ ! I failed the chemistry exam again.
67. My sister often helps me with my homework. She is very h ___________
68. It has been sunny all day, so I don’t think it will r__________ tomorrow.
69. If you are f________ this afternoon, let’s go shopping.
70. Listen carefully and a_________ my question.
第二节 完成句子 (共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
71.实际上,我一点都不喜欢他的新发型。__________, I don’t like his new hairstyle at all.
72.父亲和我都喜欢看篮球比赛。___________ my father _________ I love watching basketball matches.
73.时间过得真快啊! ______  ______ the time passed!
74.我想知道为什么你今天上学又迟到了。I want to know________  _________  __________ late for school again today.
75.学生们每周都清洁教室的窗户。The classroom windows _____   ________ by the students every week.
(2010 广州) 单词拼写
1. When will you come back, Dad? I m_______ you so much.
2. After the examinations, I need to take a good r_______.
3. The concert last night wasn’t very good. Before it ended, the theatre was almost e________.
4. There weren’t enough chairs in the meeting room, so some of the students had to s________ on.
5. Tomorrow is my cousin’s birthday. I’m going to buy a g_______ for her.
(2009 广州) 根据句子意思和所给的首字母写出所缺单词
1. ---Where is your mum, Ben?---She is busy cooking d________ in the kitchen.
2. Sorry, its noisy here and I cant h_______ what you said. Could you please say it again?
3. Your new school bag looks very nice. How much did you p_______ for it?
4. Can you give me a hand, please? The cupboard is too h______ to move by myself.
5. Hurry up, or you’ll be l_______ for school.
(2008 广州) 根据句子意思和所给的首字母写出所缺单词
1. Would you lend me your phone, please? I need to give Dad a c________ to tell him the good news.
2. It’s quite warm today. You needn’t w________ your jacket, David.
3. Look! How d______ your hands are! Go and wash them right now.
4. Be q__________, Peter, or we’ll miss the last bus to our school.
5. ---Can I have a drink?
  ---Please help y_________. There is some orange juice in the fridge.
中考复习擂台 (建议每篇用时在两分钟之内)
(一) 1. The doctor told Jiamin to give up p______ sports for a month.
2. Look! There are h_______ of people before us. When will it be our turn?
3. The Chinese people were very b_______ and they fought against the Japanese army before 1945.
4. Walk q_______! The baby is asleep.
5. ---Excuse me! Is there a toilet in your restaurant? ---Yes, sir. This way, please! Ill s________ you there.
(二) 1. --- Did you see the traffic a________ yesterday?  ---Yes. A man’s motorbike hit a boy.
2. I can’t f_______ out who broke the window.  3. Mum, I’m very t________. Shall I stop to have a rest?
4. The mother turned on the radio and made the baby stop c________.
5. Can you d_______ a beautiful horse in five minutes?
(三) 1. What do you think of s_______ a film this Saturday?
2. She was m_______ to a doctor and lived a happy life.
3. If he didn’t come here on time, he would m______ something wonderful.
4. Take the m_______, then you’ll be right soon.
5. Many people go to Guangzhou Library to b_______ books.
(四) 1. Mozart, one of the most famous m_______, was born in Australia.
2. It’s is h________ for you to eat less and take more exercise.
3. It’s very kind of you to i_______ me to your birthday party.
4. Dont keep looking at me. Its not p________.
5. Computers are widely u________ both at home and at work today.
(2015)  16.  Hurry up, kids! The school bus is coming. We have ______ time left.
A. few   B. a few   C. little   D. a little
17. Sarah, youd better drink more water after ______ for such a long time.
A. run B. runs C. to run  D. running
18. Emma looked after her pet dog ______ of all her friends.
A. careful   B. most careful   C. more carefully   D. the most carefully
19. The weather forecast says that ______ another storm tomorrow.
A. there will have   B. there will be   C. there has   D. there has been
20. The stories ______ were written by Mark Twain are often humorous. A. that  B. those  C. who D. what
21. Miss Brown, we ______ cleaning our classroom. Can we go home now?
A. finish  B. finishing  C. are finished  D. have finished
22. The boy looked ______ because he didnt pass his maths exam. A. sad B. sadness  C. saddest  D. sadly
23. Many houses ______ by the earthquake and thousands of people were left homeless.
A. damaged  B. were damaged  C. were damaging  D. are damaged
24. --- ______will the invitations be sent to our guests?  --- In three days.
A. How often  B. How soon  C. How long  D. How far
25. Could you tell me ______ a moment ago?   A. what were they talking about
B. what are they talking about   C. what they were talking about  D. what they are talking about
(2014)  16. --- Would you like tea or coffee?--- ______, thanks! I’d prefer a coke.
A. Both    B. Neither    C. All     D. Some
17. Yesterday for dinner I had a piece of beef, vegetables and ______.
   A. some rice   B. a few rice    C. a little rices   D. a rice
18. Be quiet! The students ______ a physics test in the next room.
   A. had    B. have had    C. were having  D. are having
19. He is very surprised that all the houses in the village ______ white.
   A. paint    B. painted    C. are painting   D. are painted
20. Do you know the man ______ is talking to Miss Wu?   A. he    B. whom   C. who  D. which
21. --- Sorry Im late.--- _______ tell me the bus broke down again!
   A. Never to   B. Not     C. Dont    D. No
22. --- Do you want to eat here?--- No. Just fish and chips to ______, please.
   A. get away     B. take away    C. send away   D. throw away
23. I have a lovely room. Its the ______ in the hotel.  A. nice    B. nicer     C. nicest    D. most nice
24. Mum says ______ I do my homework now, I can watch TV for an hour tonight.
   A. if     B. though     C. because   D. while
25. I dont understand ______ such a silly question in class yesterday.
   A. why did John ask  B. why John asked   C. why is John asking D. why John asks
(2013)  16. A: I enjoyed the performance very much.
          B: Yes, it was really good. I think ________ boy in white was the best actor.
A: a                   B: an                 C: the             D: /
17. I always tell my students _________ on the road because its really dangerous.
   A. not to play           B. to play not           C. not playing      D. not play
18. The man called his professor for help because he couldnt solve the problem by _________.
   A. herself            B. himself              C. yourself         D. themselves
19. Could you say it again? I cant understand __________ you are talking about.
A. how                B. when                C. what            D. which
20. --- Must I finish my homework now?--- No, you ________. You can go home now.
   A. neednt             B. mustnt               C. shouldnt        D. cant
21. There is _________ news about this movie star in the newspaper. Where can I get some?
   A. many               B. a few                C. a lot            D. little
22. I couldnt do it ________ your great help. Thanks a lot!
   A. with                B. without              C. for             D. to
23. Thanks for your invitation, but Im so sorry I cant go. I need to ________ my baby at home.
  A. take away           B. take off              C. take care of      D. take out of
24. A: You look very nice in your new dress today. B: Oh, really? I _________ it when it was on sale.
   A. buy                B. bought              C. have bought      D. will buy
25. ---I feel really tired.   ---___________________
   A. Lucky you!  B. You’d better work harder  .C. Congratulation!    D. Why not go and have a rest?
(2012)  16.--Is this ____book you were talking about yesterday?   --Yes,thank you very much.
A.a      B.all      C. the      D.不填
17. I asked her _____the bag because it was too expensive.
A. not to buy      B. to buy not      C.not buying      D.not buy
18.--It’s surprising that he got such a high mark!   --Yes. I wonder ________ it.
A.how did he do   B.how he did   C.why did he do   D.that he did
1 9.Although you may meet some difficulties,you should never ______.
A.turn up   B.get up   C.give up   D.grow up
20.You _______ be hungry after the long walk.Help yourself to some cakes.
A.can’t   B.shouldn’t   C.need   D.must
21.--I’ve got the final Harry Potter book. --You will love it. I ______ it twice already.
A.am reading   B.have read   C.was reading   D.will read
22.--Do you like this movie? 一Yes,it's the _____ one I’ve ever seen.
A. better   B.best   C.good    D.well
23.He has to earn lots of money ______he can buy his children nice food and clothes.
A.so that   B.such that   C.that   D.in order
24.Ms Wang is an excellent teacher. ______ in our class loves her.
A.Someone   B.No one   C.Everyone   D.Anyone
25.Whenever he was late,he could find plenty of excuses ____ sounded reasonable.
A.who   B.where   C.when   D.which
(2011) 16. How dangerous! She was driving the car with one hand and holding an ice cream with ____.
  A. the other   B. another   C. others   D. other
17. _____ they are very tired, they feel happy because they’ve finally finished their project.
  A. So   B. Although   C. If    D. But
18. Yesterday evening, I _____ along the street when I suddenly met my maths teacher.
  A. walk   B. walked   C. was walking    D. am walking
19. The story ______ I read the newspaper was about a common problem among teenagers.
  A. whose   B. who   C. that   D. where
20. May I have a rest? I have already finished ______ the report. A. write  B. writing C. to write D. written
21. –Excuse me, can I smoke here?  --No, ______.
  A. you must  B. you’d not better  C. you can  D. you’d better not
22. –I feel a bit hungry now. -- Why not _____ for dinner with us?
A. go  B. did you go  C. to go  D. do you go
23. The actress is already 50, but she looks ______ than she really is.
  A. young  B. more young  C. more younger  D. much younger
24. I hear the tall girl wearing glasses is your new classmate. She’s from America, _____ ?
  A. has she  B. isn’t she  C. hasn’t she  D. does she
25. I can’t remember _____ I put the book, and I need it for my homework now.
  A. where  B. how  C. what  D. why
2010年中考 语法选择(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
My friend, David Smith, kept birds. One day he phoned and   26   me he would be away for a week. He asked me to feed the bird   27   him and said he would leave his key in my mailbox.
Unfortunately, I did not remember to feed the birds   28   the night before David was going to return. I rushed out of my house and it was already dark when I arrived at   29   house. I soon found the key he gave me could unlock neither the front door   30   the back door! I kept   31   of what David would say when came back.
Then I noticed   32   one bedroom window was open. I found a big tone and pushed it under the window   33   the stone was very heavy. I make of noise. But in the end, I managed to climb up.
I had one leg inside the bedroom when I suddenly realized that someone   34   a torch(电筒)up at me. I looked down and saw   35   policeman and an old lady, one of David’s neighbors. “What are you doing up there?” Said the policeman. Feeling like a fool, I replied, “I was just going to feed Mr. Smith’s birds.”
(     )26. A. tell     B. tells         C. told        D. had told
(     )27. A. with       B. to           C. for         D. at
(     )28. A. until       B. before       C. as          D. since
(     )29. A. her        B. his          C. their        D. our
(     )30. A. and        B. but          C. or          D. nor
(     )31. A. to think     B. think    C. thinking     D. thought
(     )32. A. how      B. that         C. what        D. why
(     ) 33. A. If      B. Because      C. When      D. Whether
(     )34. A. is shinning   B. was shone C. shines  D. was shining
(     )35. A. a           B. the         C. an       D. /
2011年 语法选择 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Jack worked in a shop that sold clocks. He was always telling Harry 26 a new clock. But Harry, 27 lived next door to Jack, said he didn’t need one.
“ 28 needs a clock,” Jack said. “How do you know when it’s time to get up?”“My landlord Mr. Smith turns on his radio at seven o’clock and listens 29 the news,” Harry said. “That’s my morning call.”“Ok. But how do you know when to go to work?”“By the time I 30 my breakfast, it’s eight o’clock, time to leave for the office. Then I walk there. When I arrive at my office, it’s nice o’clock. That’s 31 time I start work.”
“Ok. But how do you know when it’s time to go home?”“The factory bell 32 ” Harry told him.“But how do you know when it’s time to go to bed?”“The television programs come to end.”
By now Jack was really 33 。 “Ok,” he shouted. “Now tell me what would happen 34 you woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to know the time.”“That’s easy,” Harry said, “I would knock heavily on 35 wall. Then you would shout at me, ‘What are you doing knocking on my wall at three o’clock in the morning?’”
(     )26. A. to buy    B. buying     C. bought     D. buy
(     )27. A. which     B. whose      C. that       D. who
(     )28. A. No one    B. Neither one  C. Everyone  D. Someone
(     )29. A. at        B. to          C. in        D. on
(     )30. A. eats      B. have eaten   C. ate       D. was eating
(     )31. A. a         B. an          C. the       D.不填
(     )32. A. ring      B. rings       C. was rung  D. ringing
(     )33. A. anger     B. angrily     C. angry     D. angering
(     )34. A. if        B. that        C. why       D. how
(     )35. A. his       B. their       C. her       D. your
2012年中考 语法选择
       People all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day.However, the holiday  26 differently in different countries  27  each culture has its own Valentine’s Day customs.
    For example,people in the United States and Japan both celebrate Valentine’s Day  28February 14.But in Japan,only romantic partners come together, while in America,it can be shared by anyone  29  is close,friend or lover.Chocolate is the most preferred gift in the US  30  it is common in Japan,too.However,in the US other kinds of gifts are  3 1  given,and many people exchange cards.
    The biggest  32  is that in Japan,only girls and women.33  chocolates to boys and men,but in the US boys and girls will give cards or small gifts to all of  34  friends.And while American men and women both receive gifts,women usually get  35  expensive gifts than men.That’s why I would like to be a man in Japan but a woman in the US!
26.A.celebrates    B.is celebrating    C.celebrated   D.is celebrated
27.A.although    B.where    C.because D.if
28.A.on    B.in    C.at D.by
29.A.whom    B.who    C.whose D.which
  30.A.so    B.as        C.and D.or
31.A.too    B.either    C.neither D.also
32.A.difference    B.differences    C.different D.differently
33.A.give    B.to give    C.giving D.given
34.A.theirs    B.they    C.them D.their
35.A.many    B.more    C.few D.fewer
2013年中考 语法选择(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
    It’s very important that we all recycle(再利用). In nature, everything   26   again. For example, when an animal dies, it becomes   27   animal’s food. Nothing is wasted. But humans have created things like plastic bags   28   can’t be broken down by nature. Our rubbish kills animals and   29   water and soil.   30   we continue making too much rubbish, the problem will only get worse. If nature can’t reuse the rubbish, we must recycle   31  .
    We should clean up the rubbish we’ve made because nature can’t.
    Recycling is also the right thing to do for another reason. The earth is rich in natural materials like water and trees,   32   these materials are not endless. We use up our natural materials much   33   than the earth is able to reproduce them. For example, each year we cut   34   more that 6,000 square miles of forest. But it takes an average of 25 years for a new tree   35   . Recycling can help us save the earth, so let’s take action right now.
(   )26. A. use        B. using           C. is used        D. used
(   )27. A. another    B. other           C. others         D. the other
(   )28. A. who        B. which           C. how            D. where
(   )29. A. pollutes   B. polluted        C. polluting      D. is polluted
(   )30. A. When       B. Whether         C. Why            D. If
(   )31. A. them       B. their           C. it             D. itself
(   )32. A. but        B. so              C. and            D. or
(   )33. A. fastly     B. fast            C. taster         D. fastest
(   )34. A. out        B. down            C. in             D. up
(   )35. A. grows      B. for growing     C. growing        D. to grow
2014年中考 语法选择 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
As two women walked into a New Jersey hospital, they laughed. It showed the love that had held them together __26__ forty years as best friends. Although they were laughing, one of these ladies would soon put her life in danger __27__ her best friend.
   Patty Hurley and Eileen Riley met at high school and have been close friends ever since. But when Eileen, __28__ nurse, became ill with kidney (肾) disease, she didn’t go running to her friend — Patty came to help her, after __29__ Eileen was sick. “My kidneys are failing,” Eileen explained.  “Can I give you one of mine?” __30__ the immediate reply.  The offer was so simple __31__ Eileen thought she had heard wrong. But Patty repeated she was willing to help, and their journey to the operating table began.
   Eileen always knew that her friend would help. She said __32__, “When Patty makes a promise, she keeps __33__.”   The operation went ahead in May, and both women are now very healthy and __34__ than ever.
   “There are no words to describe __35__ amazing this woman is,” Eileen said afterwards. “She gave me my life.”
26. A. in                 B. for                 C. since               D. with
27. A. save              B. saved               C. saves               D. to save
28. A. a                  B. an                ` C. the                 D. /
29. A. hear                B. heard               C. hearing              D. to hear
30. A. came               B. comes              C. come              D. coming
31. A. as                   B. which               C. that                D. until
32. A. simple             B. simply              C. simpler             D. simplest
33. A. it                     B. them                C. its                 D. ones
34. A. closest             B. most close           C. closer             D. closely
35. A. so                         B. why                C. what               D. how
Once, a king loved music so much that he searched the world for the best instrument. One day, a magic man 26  the king a harp(竖琴).  The king took it to the palace, but 27  he played it, the harp sounded terrible. Many 28 people tried it. They agreed that the harp was 29  and the king had been fooled. The harp was thrown out as rubbish.  A poor little girl 30  found the harp, and even though she didn’t know how 31  it, she decided to have a try. She played and played, the whole day through, for months and years. The music she produced was never perfect, 32  each time it sounded a little better.
Then one day, suddenly, the harp started to play the most beautiful music. It was in fact 33 magic harp, and could only be played well by someone who would put in the necessary effort.
The king heard the music from his window, and called the girl to the palace. When the king saw that she was playing his old harp, he was filled 34  joy. At that moment he made the girl his own private 35  , giving her and her family many riches.
26. A. offer  B. offers  C. offered  D. has offered
27. A. when  B. before  C. if  D. because
28. A. another  B. other  C. others  D. the other
29. A. used  B. using  C. useless  D. uselessness
30. A. late  B. lately  C. latest  D. later
31. A. played  B. to play  C. playing  D. to playing
32. A. so  B. and  C. or  D. but
33. A. a  B. an  C. the  D. /
34. A. in  B. of  C. by  D. with
35. A. music  B. musical  C. musician  D. musically
2016年 语法选择(共15小题:每小题1分,满分15分)
In a far-away place, there was a village. The village was___1___ in potatoes than anywhere else in the country. At the end of every growing season, ___2____potatoes were dug out of the ground, and readied for market. In each home, men and women would_____3_____divide the potatoes into three groups, large, medium and small.
One year, there was a young man___4_____received his share of the potatoes. As the other villagers_____5_____, he walked around the village laughing and talking._____6____villagers thought he was lazy, and they worried that this man would never get______7_____potatoes ready in time. When it was time for the villagers____8______to market, they were greatly surprised to find that the man’s potatoes____9____perfectly into three groups.
After _____10____the man how he did it, they understood he was not lazy, ____11____very clever. He had put all his potatoes in a cart and pulled it along the village’s rough dirt road. As the cart moved up and down over the road, the potatoes moved_____12____. The small potatoes moved to the bottom, the larger potatoes rose to the top and the medium potatoes rested___13___ the middle.
Life___14____like this too. The rough roads we travel along can also___15____us.
1. A. rich B. richer C. richest D. more rich
2. A. thousand with B. thousands with  C. thousand of D. thousands of
3. A. busily B. busy  C. more busily D. busier
4. A. who B. which C. what D. whose
5. A. work B. was working C. were working D. works
6. A. A B. An C. The D. /
7. A. he B. him C. himself D. his
8. A. go B. going C. to go D. went
9. A. are divided B. were divided C. are dividing D. divided
10. A. asking B. asked C. ask D. asks
11. A. so B. and C. or D. but
12. A. too B. also C. either D. neither
13. A. on B. in C. with D. by
14. A. has B. are C. were D. is
15. A. to help B. help C. helps D. helped
2017年 语法选择  (共15小题,每题1分,满分15分)
     “I’m going shopping in the village, ”George’s mother said to George on Saturday morning.“So be a good boy and don’t get into trouble. And don’t forget ___1___ good care of Grandma.”Then out she went.
Grandma___2___ in the chair by the window when she opened one little eye and said , “Now
you heard ___3___your mother said, George.” “Yes, Grandma,” George said.
     George was bored to tears. He didn’t have a brother or a sister. His father was a farmer, and ___4___farm they lived on was miles away from anywhere, ___5___ there were never any children
to play with. He was tired of staring at ___6___pigs , hens, cows and sheep. He was especially tired of having to live in the house with his grandma. Looking after her all by himself was hardly ___7___way to spend a Saturday morning.
“Go and make me a cup of tea for a start, ___8___ sugar and milk.” Grandma said.Most grandmothers are lovely , kind, helpful old ladies, but not this one. George’s grandma was a woman ___9___was always complaining about something or other. She spent all day___10___on her chair by the window.  George___11___ that Grandma used to be a gentle lady, but as she grew older, she was not able to look after herself and even worse, she was easy to get angry.
“We___12___be nice to the old, George,” His mother always told him.
Thinking of this, George___13___into the kitchen and made Grandma a cup of tea with a teabag. He put one spoon of sugar and ___14___ milk in it. He stirred the tea well and carried it into the living room___15___.
(  )1
A. take
B. taking
C. to take
D. takes
(  )2
A. sleep
B. sleeps
C. is sleeping
D. was sleeping
(  )3
A. that
B. what
C. where
D. which
(  )4
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. /
(  )5
A. but
B. if
C. or
D. so
(  )6
A. hundred
B. hundreds
C. hundredth
D. hundreds of
(  )7
A. exciting
B. the most exciting
C. more exciting
D. much more exciting
(  )8
A. in
B. with
C. of
D. for
(  )9
A. who
B. which
C. where
D. when
(  )10
A. sitting
B. sits
C. sit
D. sat
(  )11
A. tell
B. told
C. was told
D. has told
(  )12
A. should
B. would
C. might
D. can
(  )13
A. goes
B. went
C. will go
D. has gone
(  )14
A. many
B. any
C. few
D. some
(  )15
A. care
B. careful
C. carefully
D. careless
When Rebecca was a middle school student, she was often bullied(欺凌).At that time, she didn’t want to tell others. However, she now thinks people who are bullied should talk about their _____16______.
Rebecca says that many people who are bullied___17____in silence. She says that although she ___18_____heard a lot about bullying when she was in primary school, she never thought it would happen to her.
Rebecca told us that the bullying began when she went to middle school. People started making fun of her for being a ____19_____student and knowing all the answers.
She went on to say that every time she answered a question correctly in class, everyone would start shouting and saying that she was too_____20_____for them.
She told us that by the end of the year, she was very _____21_____about the bullying and became ill. She began to hate school. But ______22_______ she had a friend who could talk to, and they told their head teacher about her problem. She believes that talking to the teacher___23____her a lot. They found ways to deal with the problem, and the bullying finally____24_____.
Her_____25_____is, don’t see yourself as the problem. Nobody should be bullied. But if you don’t tell anyone what is going on, nobody will know that you need help.
16. A. experiences B. jokes C. hobbies D. studies
17. A. sleep B. laugh C. suffer D. play
18. A. seldom B. always C. never D. suddenly
19. A. bad B. happy C. silent D. good
20. A. clever B. slow C. noisy D. proud
21. A. pleased B. worried C. satisfied D. amazed
22. A. usually B. interestingly C. luckily D. strangely
23. A. surprised B. controlled C. excited D. helped
24. A. started B. stopped C. increased D. continued
25. A. problem B. agreement C. condition D. advice


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